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SF Microservices Meetup - Going Serverless with Flask

Alex Miłowski

I gave a talk last night (July 11th, 2017) about deploying python Flask-based on Serverless infrastructure. You can view the slides here and I will publish more notes on the github repository https://github.com/alexmilowski/flask-serverless as necessary.

I built a python package (see: https://github.com/alexmilowski/flask-openwhisk) for bridging between WSGI (Flask) and OpenWhisk. I have only tested it with Flask but it should work with other WSGI frameworks.

The key takeaway is that you can deploy Flask applications with minimal changes on Serverless. Any changes that are necessary have to do with architectural changes for Serverless infrastructure. That typically comes from the fact that there is no local environment so configuration or local resources (e.g., files) need to be handled differently.

Also, the SF Microservices meetup is a great group of people. I enjoyed the talks and certainly will attend again - you should too!