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About R. A. Milowski


I'm also a father (one son, one on the way, ...), on the PTA, volunteer at the school, an avid gardener, ... very busy.


I'm an accomplished developer and entrepreneur whose worked in a variety of positions--from software engineering to management. Over the years I've developed very advanced skills in the area of XML technologies, algorithms, web services, and web-based UI technologies. I have been involved with XML from the very beginning.

In 1990, I began working with SGML while creating a software system to submit SEC financial filings to the SEC's then-new EDGAR system. We had the first non-government software system to do so. The success of the use of SGML in that system led me to a long and intense interest in SGML.

In 1996, I was invited to participate in the development of XML. Since then I have been involved in the development of XML and its related standards--most notably, XSL and XSLT. I was also involved with the XML Schema Working Group and implemented or was involved in the implementation of XML Schema related technologies.

In 2002, I decided to get a masters in Mathematics to further my interests. In my thesis research, I blended my mathematics knowledge with my software skills to develop software for computing decompositions of large scale monomial ideals--a computation that was previously infeasible. My areas of focus have been optimization, algebraic geometry, bioinformatics, and computational mathematics.

My current projects are now around drawing connections between services and informatics. Some recent projects centererd around publishing problems ranging from using Atom news feeds to build websites, feed-oriented UI technologies, and services for mobile phones. Other problems are computational involving using XMPP, P2P, and web service technology with REST-style services.

In 2010, I decide to pursue a PhD in Informatics at the Institute for Language, Cognition, and Computation at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics. I am a remote student, working and living in San Francisco, CA while collaborating with my advisor, Henry Thompson.